How Lyon protects its two rivers - the Rhone and the Saone

October 29, 2021

A healthy environment is one of the priorities of the EU member states, and significant financial resources have been invested in this area in recent years. France is a country where special attention is paid to the preservation of rivers and their flora and fauna. Participating in the project "Pulse of Europe - media trips to EU", RTV Novi Pazar journalist Katarina Radović researched in the French city Lyon how two large rivers - the Rhone and the Saone are protected. The protection of those two rivers is proclaimed as the national interest. The state Water Agency is thoroughly researching the water quality in the Rhone, and the biggest polluters are obliged to pay penalties. "We are trying very hard to apply the 'polluter pays' concept. The more you pollute, the more you consume water and then you pay the taxes to the Water Agency,” says Olivier Fontaine, a water quality expert in Lyon. More details in the reportage that has been broadcast in the RTV Novi Pazar prime-time news.