The position of student parents as a sensitive social group on the examples of Germany and Serbia

October 21, 2021

The journalist of Akademska beba web portal portal of the Student Association of the University of Novi Sad, Anđela Zec, researched the positions and rights of student parents in Germany and in Serbia. Student parents, as a special population group, are not recognised in the special legal framework at the federal level in Germany, nor at the level of the provinces, and they exercise their rights, primarily the right to parental allowance, through current national laws. One of them is the Law on Parental Allowance and Parental Leave, which stipulates that parental allowance is approved in the amount of 67% of income from acquired employment before the birth of a child. In the case of students, they are also entitled to parental allowance in the minimum amount of 300 euros. Representatives of the non-governmental sector - Natasa Vuckovic from the National Convention on the EU and Zorana Milovanovic from the European Movement in Serbia - spoke about the situation in Serbia. Read more in the analysis published on the web portal.