What is ecotourism - on the example of Germany

December 24, 2020

What exactly is ecotourism and what does it mean? Ivan Andrejić, editor of the web portal Tajne putnika (Travellers’ Secrets -www.tajneputnika.com) researched the topic and contacted representatives of the tourist organization of Germany, a country that has been promoting eco-tourism for decades, in order to bring closer the concept of sustainable tourism to readers.

Germany is a good example as a country with 16 national parks, 16 UNESCO biosphere reserves, 104 nature parks. Read more about the German experience but also the chances that Serbia has to develop ecotourism in the author's article published on the web portal:


The article was republished on the website of the daily "Blic":


In his article, the author Ivan Andrejić and his interlocutors discuss what impact the ongoing Covid-19 disease pandemic has on the tourism sector: as it seems, the ecotourism has a chance for development since people have focused on safe and "healthy" destinations.

(Photo: www.tajneputnika.com)