The pandemic and tourism: can Canary Islands save Spanish tourism

June 15, 2021

 Fortress of the Canary Islands - a safe place for anyone who decides to visit these islands despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The authorities of the Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean have been sending such a "postcard" to the world for more than a year. More precisely, to Europe, because thanks to European citizens tourism in the Islands has flourished in recent years. Aleksandra Trajković, a journalist from the Serbian Radio and Television, researched how successful they are in that.

The director of the government brand Tourism of the Canary Islands Jose Juan Lorenco estimates that the Canaries have found a balance in providing security while enabling tourists "not to feel to be spending their vacation in the operating room." However, last year the Islands were visited by just over 4,5 million tourists, which is only thirty percent compared to the year before the pandemic.  According to Eurostat, Spain was the most popular tourist destination for Europeans in 2019. How the tourist workers manage in this popular tourist destination and how much of the seven billion euros of EU aid for Spain the Canary Islands will receive, read in the article by journalist Aleksandra Trajković.

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