The green pulse of Denmark

May 25, 2021

 What is the "green pulse" of Denmark? How did that Scandinavian country reach the first place in Europe according to the EPI index (Environmental Performance Index) and what example to the rest of the Old Continent gives the Copenhill project, in the capital itself,  a journalist of Ekolist magazine Majda Adlešić researched through the Pulse of Europe project.

As the first in a series of articles on environmental protection in Denmark, the magazine publishes an interview with the Ambassador of Denmark to the Republic of Serbia, Susanse Shine who says that environmental protection is a priority for most Danes. The paper also publishes an interview with Pernille Ingildsen, the manager of the Hillerod company that founded the climate-ecological Solrodgard Park. The park includes energy production, water treatment, resource reuse and climate adaptation, and at the same time is a public recreational landscape. The goal is for all functions and activities of the communal service to be a living workplace in one place. Read more in the Ekolist as well as at