Solar systems - how to make your own electricity, experiences of Portugal and Serbia

October 16, 2021

Sonja Urošević, a journalist of the Niš-based Megafon web portal, has researched how and to what extent citizens use solar panels in Serbia and what are the experiences of Portugal. At the weekend house of the Pejić family near Niš, two panels have been collecting solar energy since last year, enabling them quite enough of electricity for all the family needs. Before that, they didn't even have electricity. In the other part of Europe, in Portugal, officials say that one of the most important parts of the energy transition, which is well advanced in that country, is that families and companies became active participants in the energy sector. They are no longer just consumers of electricity. "In 2019, we changed the law to enable transposition of some (EU) directives that promote this, because we see a huge development in more dynamic participation. "Families produce their energy, share their energy, store their energy, as well as companies," Deputy Minister of Environment and Climate Action and State Secretary for Energy Joao Galamba told Megafon. Read more in the article produced within the Pulse of Europe project.