Energy transition – Portugal's experience

October 2, 2021

After the closure of Pego, the last coal-fired power plant, which is envisaged for November 2021, Portugal will become the country that does not use coal in the electricity production. The Pego closure was planned for the year of 2023, but market conditions and speeding up of the work in the fields of decarbonisation and energy transition have enabled that the goal is attained earlier. “We have been investing in renewable energy sources from back in 2005... Things have happened faster than we initially planned”, energy state secretary Joao Galamba says in the interview with the Megafon web portal. Does Portugal has to expect loosing of work places, what are its plans for the future – find out more in the article written by Sonja Urošević, who also investigated what are the Republic of Serbia plans when it comes to energy transition.